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Different Types of Life Insurance

Why Do We Need Life Insurance?

For most, if not all people, life insurance is one of the best and safest moves to make to build wealth, leave a legacy, have tools for financial setbacks. Life Insurance is also a great management tool and you can be assured of financial coverage for families. It is not just about a death benefit anymore.  Continue Reading → 

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What are the Different Types of Life Insurance? Part I

When most people think of Life Insurance, they think about the traditional Whole Life policies our parents and grandparents had or a Term Policy they have seen on TV. Yet, the industry has drastically changed in the last twenty years with many products are being introduced that are far better. There are even insurance products that allow you to invest and then take out your money without penalties or fees and use it for retirement, health issues and other needs.  Continue Reading →

What is the best type of life insurance? It all depends on your situation and a variety of issues. How long you want the policy to last, how much do you want to pay, will you be investing, and what do you want it to do?

What are the Different Types of Life Insurance? Part II

The newer Life Insurance products and policies like Universal Life are not about just a death benefit anymore. They can give the benefits of a financial plan for you, your family or business. Here are the Last Two of the Four Main Types of Life Insurance  Universal Life Insurance. This type of insurance started in…Continue Reading →


What is the Best Type of Insurance to Have?


Here is a cool trick that few people know about life insurance.  Index Universal Life is Life Insurance you don’t have to die to use! Acts like Whole Life Insurance, Has Cash Value Account, Has Disability Income, Has Tax-Free Retirement Income, for life! Insurance has changed…Continue Reading →


Is a 401(k), ROTH IRA or is there Something Better?

Did you know that an ‘IUL’ the Best Way to Plan for Retirement?  We have spent the last few years, since 2008, researching the various IRA options and looking for the best possible solutions for our family, friends, and clients. First, we need to know how money works in IRA accounts. Money grows in…   Continue Reading →

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How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

How much life insurance does a person need? Typically, most people need coverage that will be at least 10-15+ times their annual income. It all depends on one’s financial circumstances, debt load and needs. How do Most Life Insurance companies determine how much you need? They toss a dime, or actually a D.I.M.E.

This is a…Continue Reading →


Is it Okay for a Christian to Buy Insurance?

There is no passage in Scripture that tells us to purchase a life insurance policy or any kind of indemnity. However, we are called to be wise, prepare, and not to make foolish decisions, while at the same time have faith. This is where insurance comes in. As it is basically a means of compensating one’s family or others when bad events befall, such a loss, so that they can continue to be economically secure. Thus, when we take preventive measures to safeguard our families from the adverse effects of tragedy, is a precept…>

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Here is an article on how companies are rated. And it is interesting, they are all insurance companies. And of course, we represent Vanguard and the big boys too.


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