Why Do We Need Life Insurance?

Why Life Insurance

Life Insurance has existed literally for thousands of years. It even goes back to Roman times, while the more modern forms started with Lloyd’s of London in the 17th century. Some modern companies are over 175 years old and weathered the worst of wars, depressions, global unrest and such. Thus, they are some of the strongest companies financially in the world. This is why they insure the banks and not vice versa.


Why do I need Life Insurance? For most, if not all people, life insurance is one of the best and safest moves to make to build wealth, leave a legacy, have tools for financial setbacks. Life Insurance is also a great management tool and you can be assured of financial coverage for families. It is not just about a death benefit anymore. 

What does Life Insurance do? Most policies are used as a death benefit to pay off funeral costs that can easily be over tens of thousands of dollars as well as debts and other expenses and tax liabilities. Insurance benefits are also used to cover major expenses like the mortgage, credit cards, car loans and other outstanding debts so your relatives are not left in debt and destitute. In addition, there are other payouts can be used to provide revenue to cover everyday living expenses, that you and your family need while the policy holder is still living. You can also use some policies as secure growth investments that will avoid any losses.

What type of life insurance is best for you all depends on your situation and a variety of issues. How long you want the policy to last, how much do you want to pay, and what do you want it to do?

When should I get Life Insurance? After birth, seriously, you can create what is called a “million-dollar baby” with a small investment. You need it if you want to build wealth, have money to pass on, have tools for just about all aspects of stages of life and wealth.

How much life insurance does a person need? Typically, most people need coverage that will be at least 10-15+ times their yearly income. It all depends on one’s financial circumstances and needs.

You will need to have an experienced and knowledgeable agent who is not captive to one company and can take a deep look at your needs and find you the best investment vehicle to match it. We can do that!  seminarsonmoney@gmail.com

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