Dr. Richad J. Krejcir

Licensed Financial Professional

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We help people make, save, and protect their money! By educating and helping families and businesses in finance, estate, and tax strategies.

How we help people:

How to get through the Bear Market

How to Increase Your Cash Flow

Debt Management

How to Best Prepare for Retirement

How to Make and Keep a Family Budget

Financial Planning

Building Wealth

Preserving Wealth

Wills and Trusts

Business and Family Protection

Premium Deposit Fund

401k Setup

Legal Insurance

Financial Planning

Insurance Services

We are solution finders! We represent 100 top ‘A’ rated companies, from A to A+++ and we will listen to your needs and then search for the very best plans, so you grow your money and not lose it!

We will work for you, not a corporation! Contact us for an appointment today!

We also educate families and small businesses on how money works with webinars and seminars so you can be properly protected and be financially stable.

We also do personal and business consulting.

Dr. Richard J Krejcir

CA License 4030617


More: Who Are We? What We Do?

We do not provide tax or legal advice. Each client’s tax and financial situation is unique. Clients should consult their tax and or legal advisor for information concerning their situation.

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