Stewardship Research Project

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Are you still thirsting? Christ gives the invitation not only to others but to you. He is the fountainhead. Francis Schaeffer 
The word, stewardship, simply means to manage someone else’s property.
We sought to find out if there is a connection or correlation of faith from “discipleship precepts of Christian formation” to giving in a local church. Then compare that to how stewardship is actually perceived and practiced in American local churches.
Why was this study done? There is little serious or in depth research preformed on this subject.


Introduction what is Stewardship?

Introduction what is Stewardship and why is it important as Compared to Popular Thinking Stewardship Research Part I

Looking to Deductive Key Word Meanings in New Testament Greek

Stewardship Research Part II

Concordance of Biblical Citations

Stewardship Research Part III

Looking at Biblical historical considerations

Stewardship Research Part IV

Inductive and Deductive examination of Matthew 25: 14- 30

Stewardship Research Part V

Inductive and Deductive examination of James 1: 9-11

Stewardship Research Part VI

Inductive and Deductive examination of James 5: 1-6

Stewardship Research Part VII

Statistical Research Comparisons to Hypotheses and Interviews

Stewardship Research Part VIII

A Deductive Examination of 2 Corinthians 8-9

Stewardship Research Part IX

Exegetical and Deductive analyses of what is a Tithe

Stewardship Research Part X

The Erudition of What It Means to Give “Cheerfully.”

Stewardship Research Part XI

Current Reasoning Patterns

Stewardship Research Part XII

Looking to inductive analyses of 2 Corinthians 8:1-15

Stewardship Research Part XIII

Contemporary thoughts amongst Evangelical Leaders why Stewardship is Declining

Stewardship Research Part XIV

Results, Research on Stewardship

Stewardship Research Part XV

Applications on Stewardship

Stewardship Research Part XVI

How to improve your site content and SEO to better use the WWW to communicate the precepts and depth of God’s Love, Word, and Plan that connect people to Christ and Christian Living…

Articles and curriculum distilled from this research available at: Stewardship
Faith in God’s provision certainly does not exclude asking fellow believers to give, for in fact God’s most regular means of providing for ministry is precisely through the generosity of his people- Francis Schaeffer

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