Is a 401(k), ROTH IRA or is there Something Better?

IUL vs 401k 2


Did you know that an ‘IUL’ the Best Way to Plan for Retirement? 

We have spent the last few years, since 2008, researching the various IRA options and looking for the best possible solutions for our family, friends, and clients.

First, we need to know how money works in IRA accounts. Money grows in three main ways. The first two, most people know about, variable and fixed. There is a third way, called the Index Strategy. Where your money grows when the stock market goes up. And, when the market goes down, your money stays where it is at, safe, as it is insured against loss.

index stradagy

Second, let’s look at a couple of ironclad investment choices with greater tax advantages, better growth rates, where you do not lose your money. It is Index Universal Life Insurance, or an Annuity that few know about.

tax advan

This may be a surprise, Insurance Companies? Many Financial Advisors do not even know about this, because they only sell what their company has and tells them about. Yet, this is where the upper 1% people put their money. Yes, you can use certain insurance policies for retirement if properly structured. Unlike the Whole Life policies your parents and grandparents had or a Term Policy. You can invest and then take out your money without penalties or fees and use it for retirement, health issues and other needs. These “retirement plans” have greater tax advantages than other retirement plans, even 401(k)’s and ROTH IRA’s!

IUL-vs-Roth 2

How does this work? 

Universal Life Insurance is a type insurance that you can get that has a cash value, usually much greater than traditional Whole Life Insurance. Depending on the terms of the policy, the excess of premium payments made above the cost of insurance is accredited to the cash value of the policy with interest. Some companies this is compounded, making much better than most retirement plans! It is like having a Term Life Insurance policy, that has just a death benefit attached to high interest money market account with tax advantages you do not get anywhere else.

Indexed Universal Life, called the “IUL” in the industry takes the advantages of the Universal Life policy and allocates the cash value into a premium and safe investment; Index Fund Strategy. Warren Buffett’s favorite too. So, you get the cash value insurance attached either a fixed account or an equity of a premium index account. Similar to the Vanguard 500 series except with protection from loss. You are actually insured against loss from multi-billion dollar solid companies that have been around for over 150 years. This is the greatest investment strategy ever created and only the upper 1% know about it!


Your money goes up when the market goes up and your money stays safe and goes not down when the market goes down.

Here is a video that shows how Index Strategy works during the best and worst times. And, why this the investment vehicle and retirement plan everyone should put their hard-earned money into.

If you had one of these Index Strategy Funds in March of 2020, or in 2008 or in 1987, your retirement would not have lost any money!

But wait, there is more. Like a Roth IRA, an IUL policy has tax advantages and can offer tax-free growth on your investment gains, not capital gains tax.

An Indexed Universal Life insurance or annuity can be one of the best things you can ever own to build and preserve wealth! However, it needs to be properly structured with a reputable company and an experienced agent. If not, you can be putting out more money than you should.


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