Money Grows in Three Main Ways

index stradagyHere is How You Money Can Grow

 The two ways that affect your money the most is the way it grows and the way it is taxed!

Money Grows in Three Main Ways

Most financial advisors state that money grows in two ways, variable and fixed. However, there is a third way, called an Index Strategy. Where your money grows when the market goes up. And, when the market goes down, your money is safe, as it is insured against loss.


Fixed Rate. First, it can be in a fixed account, like a passbook, Bonds, or a CD fund. In this way, you do not lose your money. Your money is safe. But, it grows at a very, very slow rate. In fact, at a current bank saving plans, it can take over a hundred years to double. At 1% it takes 72 years to double, at 10% the money then doubles in 10 years.

s&p var rate

Variable Rate. Then there is the variable rate. If your money is in this type of account like the stock market, money market, or an IRA it can go up or down. When the market goes up then your money goes up. This is why people like it. But, if the market goes down then your money goes down. And if you do the math, you do not recoup your losses; your money starts over where it landed. So, you are gambling with your money, hoping your horse comes in. However, as with gambling, the house always wins. Who is the house for money? The big banks.


Index Strategy. The third way your money can grow is called an Index Strategy. Look at it this way, if the first two ways had a baby, this is what is produced, the best of both, without the negative of both. Thus, with an Index strategy, if the market goes up, so does your money, and if the market goes down then? Nothing, you are safe from loss. Your money does not go down.

How money grows! - 1

By the way, Index Funds are where the top 1% people of wealth put their money in. This is where the major banks put their liquid assets in to keep their money from loss and to maximize their gains. However, it is not usually offered by banks or the big Brokerage firms, nor do most Financial Advisors know how this works. Because it is not profitable for them if their customers make money in this way. They make money from our losses.  Where do you think the money goes when the markets go down?

How would you like your money to grow moving forward? We can help you choose a plan that is best for your family and business.

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