Applications form the United Reformed Church practice

It is about being encouraged in Him, when we have a passion for God, we will have a willingness to support His Church and Ministries. The Mission of the church is simply what the church does (our ought to do) as a church. The “Growing Up” report was adopted as a basis for the URC’s (United Reformed Church) mission strategy at the 1999 General Assembly. One of the tools identified for turning ideas into reality was The Five Marks of Mission. These can be summarized as: 

Tell Proclaim the good news of the Kingdom- lay preaching, formation of worship groups and teams, more congregational involvement in worship, worship style changes, alpha courses

Teach Teach, baptize, nurture new believers– Junior Church work, all age worship groups, Elders Training Courses, Bible Study groups, House Groups, Seminars, Retreats and Away Days.

Tend Respond to human need in loving service- Development of Pastoral Teams, Community Work, Day Centers, and Counseling.

Treasure Sustain and renew the life of the earth– Church Energy Management, Recycling events, supporting charity and other environmental causes, ethical investment.

Transform to transform unjust structures in society– Commitment for Life, Christian Aid and other agency support, community projects and social justice campaigns, support FairTrade goods. 

Remember – 

It is God’s Mission – not ours    

Tell, Teach: Worship and proclamation

Tend, Transform Outreach and Service ‘Mission’

Tend, Treasure Fellowship and Pastoral Care  

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