The Stewardship of Communication

Developing Communication Skills Within Leadership

Good communication is what people need most; family, employees, and what clients want in their interactions. They also need trust, timely information, relationship centered, simple, quick and easy, great service, clarity, focus and attention. And this best done with enthusiasm, and sincerity. Imagine what these precepts can do for you and your team and their motivation to succeed. Instead of poor productivity, negativity, gossip, and the absence of motivation.

Frist off, what leadership must have to succeed is for the leaders to have a do it first attitude and convey their vision and “why.” Think about what your purpose is. This is about making and maintaining a personal commitment. Become a leader in order to build leaders, then you are a true leader. Do not be a poser or get prideful, if so, you will fail. You have to want to get there first in order to communicate it to others.

Here are some thoughts on raising your communication skills while raising up leaders and improving motivation and productivity.

Develop the leader within you! Just because you may be called the CEO or the Manager or the Boss, does not mean you truly are one. To be a great leader, you need to be an influencer! Direct and guide people in the right direction. For this to happen, you need to be able to lead and guide your team. You give the vision and direction, and you have the ability to do it first; then, they will follow you.

Everything rises and falls on your ability to communicate! It all starts here: Genuinely care about your people! Your biggest asset? That is, your smile and care. That you need to treat people better than yourself, then you will be successful! So, believe in your family / team more than in yourself.

Constant communication is essential! Get together and explain what is happening and what will come next. Then listen and keep meetings short and encouraging. Do that before you push your family / team, like popping a clutch.

Every person is special and needed. A true leader makes people feel important. Give constant E.P.R.! That is, encourage, praise, and reward your people. Always be positive and excited about their future. Be slow to criticize, and fast to praise.

Think big and keep it simple. Always be talking to your team, sell the dream; your vision, what are we fighting for, what is your “why”? Your organization’s vision and plan. People need someone and something to believe in them, be that person.

Do not manhandle or micromanage; rather, respect and uplift and empower people to be effective. When a person joins your organization, or those who have been here a while they may not raise to the occasion or will not have it on them themselves. Encourage them to rise to the occasion! Keep in mind; a fire can burn down a house, and conversely, the right amount of fire warms it up.

Be strong and have standards, have high expectations! Challenge them to compete; people’s biggest competitor is themselves. Identify the doers and leaders… Expose them to strong leaders who care. 

Have dreams; the best teammates are dreamers. Maybe, prove negative people wrong. Be a crusader, build crusaders, mission before the commission!

People will not follow if you are selfish or negative. So, do not be pessimistic or put people down or contribute to being a selfish in your family or business. Rather, raise your family / team spirits! Be optimistic and positive.

You must be sincere! Tactfully challenge negative attitudes. Can they be helped or become workable? If not, cut them loose or they will infect others.

Develop your team into leaders and trainers; do not do it all yourself. When do we raise up leaders? From the start of them coming on board!

Celebrate your wins! Show your family / team new environments, events, trips, dinner that they are appreciated and valued. Do not isolate or ignore people; rather protect, understand, and recognize them!

Build strong relations, offer real friendship, and connect with your people. Have the commitment to be positive and confident, even if you do not feel like it or are bored. What you are doing is building for your future and allow your leaders to lead and your workers to thrive.

Ask yourself this: Are you teachable, so you can teach others? If not, you will not be able to communicate. It starts with you!

Dr. Richard Krejcir is a licensed and experienced Financial Consultant with over thirty years of experience. He has worked for major banks, insurance companies, nonprofits, and families too. He is also an author, pastor, Special Ed Teacher, and financial blogger and holds a doctorate in Stewardship.

For help with insurance needs, debt management, and rolling over 401k’s to a secure retirement fund with tax advantages, that will not lose your money, give us a shout, we will help you.

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