The Dark World of Finance


You may have noticed the major fluctuations in the stock markets recently. Like Mr. Toads Wild Ride at Disneyland, while you have the stomach flu. Unless, you are safely invested and protected.

Did you know many financial institutions are making massive amounts of money from your losses?  

This is called, “short selling” or “going short” which I believe is unethical, yet for some strange reason legal. This idea is simple, a broker borrows from a stock, then sells the stock, and then buys the stock back. Sometimes it is just on the derivatives (these are the people who use calculus). Usually, in the process it is returned to the lender. This is a form of gambling, hoping when the market falls the stock they sell will drop in price. In so doing, making money after people losing it from their 401K’s! Did you know you can invest wisely to avoid such losses?


How does this happen?

Most people in the finance industry really do not have the whole picture how it all really works. We all work in our small areas, like a tree in a forest. We know what we do, and we assume what others do. Nonetheless, it all is a global game of power monopoly and most of us, to use another game illustration, are pawns. When I was working at the executive side of one of the biggest banks in the world, I got to look under the hood. I even set this stuff up. And in all this is a dark world of a callous disregard of our wealth and future. We are all their prey in a Game of Thrones stile of power, and money grabs. They do not have your best interests in mind! They do not care about you! They want to rob you to make themselves rich!

Yet, there are safe areas that are set up to protect the executives and corporations. In fact, they invest billions of dollars into such funds to protect their assets.

What are the safe harbors to protect your money?


The 1% are safe from these power plays that you can have access too. They just do not what you to know about it. And they give you distractions so you will not bother to look. What are the safe harbors? One of them, a favorite of many executives and banks, it is “Indexed Universal Life Insurance.” That is right, banks put billions of their assets into these to avoid taxes and protect themselves. It is not about protecting their beneficiaries from financial loss, or that the banks will die. Rather, it is about having the leverage they need.

Let me know; I can show you how to do this…


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