First Things First PIV

Matthew 6:31-34

Seek first the Kingdom of God Means to place God first and foremost! Not look for Him like he is lost. This refers to our quintessential quest in life, seeking Christ as Savior and Lord. By Lord, we mean He is ruling our hearts, minds, and actions, including our motivations and desires. So, we seek what is best, as He has our best at hand. When we just look to ourselves, we miss His golden opportunities and goodness.

To seek God’s Will is our highest priority outside of our salvation. The Will of God is not just a task, or an ends to find, nor is it just a set of goals; rather, it is a hunt, and a journey. The action of seeking Him and His plan is His Will! This is the hunt and the journey that produces the principles that grow and mold us in faith and maturity. It never ends; it is always continuing until we are called home (See our channel on God’s Will at (1 Pet. 5).

God’s Will is for us to have a right relationship with Him. So, we are to recognize His sovereignty over the universe, and our lives.

When we are operating under good stewardship, our focus will be on His Righteousness, character, and virtue and these things will be the main objects in our quest. These are the jewels that we take with us into eternity!

Righteousness, character, and virtue must be our essence that spills onto others. If not, we are definitely not in His Will.

When we worry, we cannot grow in righteousness, character, or virtue, because it takes over our lives, leaving no room for growth or maturity. Worry will cut us off from our faith and growth, because it blocks our focus and concentration upon our Lord (Heb. 11:10).

We have to understand that when we worry about trivial things, lust after goods and riches, even things we need, it will choke from us the life we could have had in Christ. It is our relationship with Him that is important, and that we are to seek. We are to seek His provisions for every aspect of our lives, and work all we can to help fulfill it. If we do not pay attention to Jesus’ teachings because we are too busy worrying, we may go through life on earth without His help.

Do not let Jesus be a concept, let Him be your LORD (Matt. 13:22)!

Questions to Ponder

So, why do you worry? How has it “distracted” you?

What is the balance between your trust in Christ to guide and provide for you, and your call to work, using your talents, abilities, and gifts?

Why is it when we just look to ourselves, we miss His golden opportunities and goodness?


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