First Things First PI

Matthew 6: 25-34 

Here Jesus gives us another warning on how possessions can divide our mind so that they control our direction in life. In so doing, they capture our hearts, and then control our will and aspirations (Matt. 6:19-23). Good stewardship points our mind and attitude to be careful with material things and pursuits that will cause us to worry, and worry will take the place of all else in our life, including Christ. The results of being control by possessions will create worry, as our attention, our heart, and the identity of who we are become wrapped up in them.  

What do I need to do if this happens to me? 

The solution is simple. Put Christ and His will first, everything else, secondary. When we have our hearts centered upon what is really important, our real purposes and plans begin to function correctly, as our perspectives are in line with God’s. The secret to a life of contentment is having the right perspective of our place in the kingdom. 

As a Christian, we have to have the perspective that all things in life, all that we have, see, and use, do not belong to us. It all belongs to God-period! This is what good biblical stewardship is all about. We did not create anything, nor do we really own anything; we are merely the stewards entrusted to care for, develop, and use whatever we have control over wisely. All that we have or can have is meant to be lifted up, all to His glory, and to progress with His call and His Kingdom upon our hearts and the world. 

Jesus calls us to “do not worry!” Yet, we all worry, but, when we think it through, why do we worry? What is it that is so important when compared to our purpose, call, Christ’s care and love, or our place in eternity? 

People throughout history and most people in the world today, have little beyond their basic needs of food, shelter, and a couple pairs of clothing. They also depended upon the help of others, seasons, and weather, especially, rain to irrigate the crops. Thus, the attainment of goods depended on the environment, weather conditions, and the cooperation of others around them. There were no stores, no supermarkets just around the corner. So, they would have had cause to worry, but Jesus addresses them not to do so! Now, consider all that we have today–much more than King Solomon would have had! After all, he did not have the food, material goods, or entrainment we have today. 

When we think we have ownership, we are deluding ourselves, creating worry and needless stress. We then get ourselves off His plan and Will, because we seek possession and not His Kingdome! 

Questions to Ponder 

How have you seen possessions control people and capture their attention, heart, and identify? Have you observed any difference among Christians?


If the solution is so simple to our worries (seek Him first), why is it so hard for us to do it?


Jesus tells us that pursuing material things will cause us to worry, and worry will take the place of all else in our life. How have you seen this true in your life?


How do possessions divide our minds so that they control our direction in life? What can you do to prevent this from happening?


© 2002, 2012, R. J. Krejcir, Ph.D., Into Thy Word Ministries

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