The Personal Generosity of Francis Schaeffer

How is your “Personal Generosity?”

It was this sense of his true home being in the Kingdom to come that helped Schaeffer to be a man with such a generous heart. When his books started selling very well (there was even a Time magazine article about him), he began to receive substantial royalties. This new-found financial prosperity did not change him. Half of all the royalties immediately went into the L’Abri general fund. He and Edith, in addition, would give a very substantial personal gift to every worker in L’Abri at the end of each year. He understood, in a way that very few Christians do, that we are called to be laying up treasures in heaven rather than on the earth. He took the Lord very seriously when he read Jesus telling us that “no man can serve two masters. It is impossible to love God and money.”

From “The Man and His Message” Jerram Barrs

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