How much money did you lose in your 401k or another retirement account?

Did you know that when the market goes down, and then it goes back up, you DO NOT get your money back? Rather, what actually happens is that you grow from the point of your loss. That is just math! Wall Street lies by saying “no worries” you get your money back! Well, you do not, it is gone! So, what do you think will work better for your retirement, guarantees with no losses and low to no fees, or just losses and high fees? There are better 401k and other IRA, Individualized retirement accounts out there! How much money did you lose in your 401k or another retirement account?... Continue Reading →

What is the Difference Between a Financial Professional and a Financial Advisor?

In my career, I have been licensed and employed at both, and there are many similarities. Such as helping people with their retirement, investing, financial planning, money management and so forth. However, there is a key difference in what is called “captivity,” as well as how we engage a client and how we make our... Continue Reading →

Who Are We? What We Do?

We are a non-profit think-tank and research center that uses our skills and service to better families, churches, ministries and small business the proper protection they need.

We have academic researchers who look for the best for our people and we also have people who work at a full-service Brokerage Firm, with licensed agents, CPA’s, Lawyers in all areas of finance, insurance and business...

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