Who Are We? What We Do?

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Insure what you love and need!

We can help you with life insurance services as well as business insurance and so much more. We are fully licensed to help you with financial advising about how to pay off debt, prepare for retirement, making a family budget, cash flow, financial planning, building wealth, preserving wealth, wills, trusts, and much more.

We represent 300 top ‘A’ rated companies, from A to A+++ and we will listen to your needs and then search the very best plans, so you grow your money and not lose it!

We will work for you, not a cooperation! Contact us for an appointment today!

We also educate families and small business on how money works so you can be properly protected and be financially stable. I do this with seminars and personal consulting.

We help people make, save, and protect their money! Let us help you!

ITW Group





More about us; we are the ITW Group

We are a non-profit think-tank and research center that uses our skills and service to better families, churches, ministries and small business the proper protection they need. We have academic researchers who look for the best for our people and we also have people who work at a full-service Brokerage Firm, with licensed agents, CPA’s, Lawyers in all areas of finance, insurance and business, SLD Financial.

We put on free seminars on how to pay off debt, prepare for retirement, making a family budget, cash flow, financial planning, building wealth, preserving wealth, wills, trusts, insurance services and much more…

We also represent over 300 of the top solid insurance and financial institutions. So, we can personally help you, your family and business. As we work for you, not captive to a cooperation. We do this personally in the greater Pasadena, CA, area and online worldwide.

We can help you with:

  • How to pay off debt faster and easier
  • How to better prepare for retirement, so you do not lose your money and it grows!
  • How to make and keep a family budget
  • How to protect your 401 k so it does not lose your money!
  • How to increase your cash flow, where to invest so you do not lose your money.
  • Basics of financial planning
  • Building wealth
  • Preserving wealth, so you do not lose your money!
  • Wills and trusts, so you pass on your money without the risks and over taxation!
  • Insurance services, so you get what you need and do not overpay!
  • Biblical Stewardship

We do for you what the high-end Brokerage Firms do for the upper 1% that most financial advisors do not know about. Because they are captive to usually one company.

We do for you for free, what the big boys charge $1,500-$2,500+ just for a sit down. We do not charge our clients; we help them!

Our Blog: how-moneyworks.com

The Brokerage Firm some of us work at: https://sldfinancial.com/

Some of us work here: https://www.familyfirstlife.com/

Let us help you! seminarsonmoney@gmail.com 


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