The “Parable of the Talents” and Stewardship

Looking at Biblical historical considerations and Inductive and Deductive examination of Matthew 25: 14- 30 

This discussion section centers on an inductive analyses of the passage and a deductive analyses of key words and precepts in their historical and contextual context. 

This parable is also about the importance of being prudent and being prepared, as with the parable about the virgins. This parable is not about money management, although the principles do apply. Rather, it was given to admonish us to be productive. This passage shows us how fear destroys opportunity. The principle factor that caused the wicked servant to bury the talent was fear! Even though the servant thought he did the right thing, Jesus has some harsh words for those who let fear rule their lives. Yes, He is compassionate and gives us grace; but, when we allow fear to take over, it becomes wicked as it blocks His work from dwelling within us, and causes us to forsake our opportunities and responsibilities. Instead of being faithful, as we are called to be, we become the “pew sitter” who is of no use.  

We are called to overcome fear; He gives us the Spirit and other tools to do so. This takes “spunk,” and the willingness to take a risk and go beyond ourselves, our experience, and our knowledge into what is best for the body of Christ.  

This passage is also about where we invest what He gives us. Remember, these talents are the abilities and opportunities that He gives us! They are to help us stretch and grow beyond what we think we can do. How we use them is up to us, we can use them to benefit us, use them in others lives, use them in Him or we can do what is foolish. However, when we are in Christ, do we waste what He gives? Take comfort; God only gives us the opportunities to match the abilities He has given us. Thus, the work is not to tough it, and it is OK not to succeed; it is only when we refuse to follow and be used that it is considered wicked.


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