Good Stewards seek God and His Will!

Christians are called to seek God and His Will, not
our gratification, because it will lead us nowhere.

How would pursuing the things of the world lead you away from Christ? What could you do to prevent it?


Seeking God’s Will is our highest priority, outside of our salvation. Yet, so few Christians spend the time to do this! What can you do to create a mindset for yourself and your church that the Will of God is not just a task, an end to find, or just a set of goals; rather, it is a hunt and a journey?

How would this help in your church’s faith development and response to Christ’s call?

Who is the real loser?

hinn at win

Of the 20,000 pastors that we have helped equip and train in the last 10+ years that are far better Bible teachers than this yahoo, less than 1% have a car and less than 10% own a home. And they each planted more than 1 church and God used each one to bring many people to Christ, (new converts not sheep swapping the spiritually immature), , and some have actually really healed someone…. Who is the real loser?